If you dream it… If you picture it… You can make it a reality!

At the age of 34 years’ young developing a digital start up helping everyday people to “Find their perfect Fit” would have to be one of the most challenging, all-consuming and ultimately rewarding projects I have ever embarked on. I have certainly found what will drive me each day for the next chapter of my life! In the digital age, we are fortunate enough to live in where we can so effortlessly utilise niche, industry specific web and mobile apps from the comfort of our own home, office or commute to find the best café’s, restaurants, bars, or to order in, book an overseas holiday, purchase a car, buy a house or even compare health insurance! Gotta love that Meerkat! Why should the Health and Fitness Industry and their consumers miss out? Why isn’t there a reputable, easy to use and effective digital platform that people can go to allowing them to find their perfect fit in their own back yard, direct on their phone, tablet or desktop? The Fit List – Web and future Mobile App will help to solve this very problem by allowing Health & Fitness Providers to showcase their unique and life enriching services whilst at the same time helping people like you and me to find their perfect fit. It’s important from the onset for people to be aware that The Fit List is not an aggregator site that compares providers by price. Rather our focus is on showing our users the broad range of opportunities they have available to them to engage and connect with Health & Fitness providers in their search locations, based on what they like. Helping our users to connect with everything from Yoga, Barre and Pilates Studios to CrossFit Boxes, Gymnasiums and much more, with an added inclusion of a Restoration Zone showcasing providers offering services like Float and Cryo Therapy and everything in between…Simples!

Inspiration for The Fit List originated after a week’s sabbatical in the picturesque coastal town of Yamba in Northern NSW, in September of 2015. Over the course of the week of sun, swimming and solitude 35 entrepreneurial ideas were hatched and at the top of the list, pardon the pun – The Fit List was born. The 2 biggest inspirations for the idea came firstly, from both my male and female friends who consistently ask me given my background in the Health & Fitness Industry where they should go to get a great boxing workout, or to do yoga or gym or find a local PT. I realised if my friends who are fit and have been engaged in physical activity all their lives don’t know where to go to get their fitness fix what chance does everyone else have? The other was from my mum, who for several years was the event coordinator for a major health and lifestyle expo in Brisbane… After working with mum for several campaigns on-boarding exhibitors I realised that these weekends where incredibly expensive for them, so much so that it excluded many from exhibiting in the first place and I thought to myself why would people pay so much money for only 3 days’ exposure? I thought to myself why don’t I develop a digital platform that showcases these providers for 365 days of the year as opposed to 3, for a fraction of the cost, providing far greater return on investment. It would be win win! Providers would have no barrier to exhibit and people looking to see what health and fitness opportunities are available would be subject to the full gamut of what the city has to offer, across a variety of categories, not just the providers with the biggest marketing budgets!

The Fit List’s TFL TV – Fit Sessions web series was built off the back of extensive research that I have put into the development of The Fit List web platform. Over the countless hours of research on provider offerings here in Brisbane, Interstate and overseas in places like Asia, the US and UK to name just a few I came to the realisation that there are so many amazing health and fitness offerings available to people in cities all around the world and I thought to myself there has to be people out there who would get as much satisfaction and entertainment out of seeing what they have to offer as me… I just needed to find a medium that would be the perfect fit… I remembered having extremely fond memories of watching Getaway on TV with my brother and parents growing up and from there our web series TFL TV – Fit Sessions was born. TFL TV – Fit Sessions is a health & fitness lifestyle web series, think Getaway but for the health and fitness industry. In the first series of TFL TV –Fit Sessions our Fit Sessions Presenters Jordi, Jacko, Marika and Ben will showcase the very best health and fitness providers initially in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with the aim in future seasons of showcasing offerings from Health & Fitness providers domestically and eventually internationally. Each episode will be tailored to quench the thirst of the ever-bourgeoning number of health-conscious Australians. In terms of venues our show will cover a broad range of fitness offerings from your more tradition Gym, Boxing, CrossFit, Yoga and Pilates to the more out their world of trampoline, pole and circa fit classes not to mention showcasing the cutting-edge restoration services available to everyday people like you and me including float, sleep pods and cryotherapy. TFL TV – Fit Sessions will show you the best of the best and the finest thing is they are all on our doorstep! Just as Getaway gave its audience the opportunity to see the places they have wanted to visit and in doing so created a desire in that audience to actually travel. The Fit List will look to spike that interest within our audience perhaps even inspiring our viewers to try something they never have before. There has never been a series that focuses on the health and fitness industry, its offerings and its people in this way. The ultimate advantage of the web series is that it creates an exciting opportunity to explore the entire process across multiple platforms with the web series providing our audience an extensive multi-platform opportunity. The idea is that if our audience see a particular episode of interest, say for example our Fit Sessions Episode at Inspire Cycle our audience can then via The Fit List website and future mobile app find, contact  & connect with Inspire Cycle and hopefully make it into their beautiful studio to try out a session for themselves. If our audience does not live or work close enough to go in an try out the provider showcased in our weekly episode it’s equally as easy to jump on our website and find a similar provider in an area closer to them (Our Service area for 2017 is within a 30km radius of Brisbane CBD).

Ultimately none of this would have been possible without the support of my family, friends and the amazing professionals that I have worked with to help me through the initial stages, in particular Steven Dey who has been instrumental in getting this platform off the ground. For me If our platform, web series and social media activation strategies on Instagram and Facebook can inspire our audience to go and try out a venue we list or showcase and they completely fall in love with what they have found, we will be very happy!