Brisbane's Best Workouts | 2018

Introducing “Brisbane’s Best Workouts” Blog | 2018

Welcome to our Brisbane’s Best Workouts Blog! Regardless of whether you are a health & fitness enthusiast like me or you are simply looking to gain some insight into the very best  Brisbane has to offer in terms of workouts and restorative offerings then this blog is everything you have been waiting for!


Brisbane’s Best Workouts Blog  2018 was built off the back of extensive research that I have put into the development of Over the countless hours of research I have done on provider offerings both here in Australia and Overseas in places like Asia, the US and UK to name just a few, I came to the realisation that there are so many amazing health, fitness and wellbeing offerings available to people in cities all around the world, especially right here in Brisbane.


I thought to myself there has to be people out there who would love to get some insight into the best workouts and restorative offerings that are available to them right here in Brisbane and from there “Brisbane’s Best Workouts” Blog 2018 was born. Our “Brisbane’s Best Workout” Blog will show you the best of the best this amazing city has on offer and the best part about it is that they are all right on your doorstep! Yes you can actually get into your car and try all of these amazing offerings for yourself! Or even better take a friend or family member with you and share the love! Just as our TFL TV – Fit Sessions Web-Series aims to spike the interest within our audience and inspire our viewers to go out and try something they never have before. For me If this Blog can inspire our audience to go and try out a workout we showcase and they completely fall in love with what they have found, I we will be a very happy man!


Its important to note that in everything we do we are aiming to be the most reputable, comprehensive and innovative online platform connecting health and fitness consumers with providers both here in Brisbane and ultimately in every major city worldwide  and as such we have not and will not be receiving any financial contributions from the venues that we promote over the next 40 weeks of this Blog. We will simply show you the best workouts and wellness offerings that we believe are Brisbane’s Best in 2018. I believe our integrity is everything and if we are open and honest with our audience, users and partners then it can only benefit everyone involved both now and into the future.


We cant wait to bring you up to speed with the very best this amazing city has to offer and hopefully we can  inspire you to go and try a workout or restorative offering for yourself.


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