Brisbane's Best Workouts | 2018

BBS Signature Barre | Brisbane Barre Studio

It begins at the barre. The BBS Signature Barre class is everything you want from a workout packed into 45 minutes. The amazing Instructors @ BBS stick to the moves that work and leave everything else – no fancy ballerina or yoga moves here.  The workout itself  is strategically designed to increase your heart rate but not let it get too high, it’s designed for you to sweat all while developing your muscular endurance.


Brisbane Barre Studio‘s Signature Barre Class is their own unique take on barre to provide you with the best results. Yes the method is challenging, but it’s completely sustainable and achievable for people of all ages and levels. The team at BBS truly believe that you should always approach your well-being with strategy, ease and elegance, and that is how your  healthy glow develops. The Signature Barre class itself falls within the Muscular Training part of their method (along with their Signature Sculpt class). In the workout be ready to target muscles from all different angles at very high repetitions whilst also keeping your heart rate up. These three things will need to work together  to keep your body challenged and your mind engaged. This is why there is only one style of barre at BBS – because this is what works!


The class will have standing leg, hip and glute work, It will incorporate compound moves to increase your heart rate (and keep it there) and you’ll move to your mat occasionally to hit other angles that are best done off the barre. Never the same workout, always evolving. In a semi-private setting with never more than 10 people in each class, you’ll receive personal attention with the energy of a supportive community right there with you. If you are chasing a workout that combines the best of Pilates, HIIT and precision sculpting, seamlessly sequenced together to deliver a non-stop workout BBS has you covered!


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