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Inspire 45 | InspireCycle

The InspireCycle experience is built on a solid 45 minute cardio full body workout on a bike. Weighted sectors are combined with calorie burning intervals and sports specific movements, that will not only sculpt your upper body, but build stamina and strength.  Prepare to be cocooned in a dark, candlelit studio with pumping music ranging from hip hop to throwbacks to current hits and artist battles. You will burn 500 to 800 calories in no time and have fun doing it. The InspireCycle Inspire 45 class is sure to become your new fitness addiction!


Throughout the class its super important to engage your core. Whether you’re sitting in the saddle during a weights track or powering through a standing sprint, recruiting your core muscles will help you spin efficiently. Your legs and feet tend to fatigue fast during a spin workout, but using your core with each stroke will give you more stamina. Imagine an invisible string pulling you from the centre of the body when you ride and this will help you to tighten and tuck.


Make sure you add some resistance! Don’t be afraid to reach for the small knob in the middle of your bike — it allows you to adjust the resistance. Turning it to the right will ramp up the resistance, while turning it to the left will dial it down. It’s important to have some resistance in each pedal stroke, as adding it will make you feel more grounded and in control, and will allow you to use different muscles in your core.


Its super important to stay neutral. When you’re seated in the saddle, maintain neutral position by pulling your shoulders back and down, actively settling them away from your ears. When you’re taking a pedal stroke, make sure you don’t have your feet too far flexed as it will give an uneven feeling. Also peek down at your knees — they should never be flaring out. For greater control think about squeezing your inner thighs as you drive your foot down for each stroke. All the while ensure you keep your upper body neutral by keeping  your elbows slightly bent and your core tight while in either the standing or seated position.


Sprint with control! It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a sprint. But moving in a more controlled manner will force you to use more muscles to propel your feet. Lock in your hips and squeeze your inner thighs. Make sure your shoulders are right above your wrists. When people get tired, they tend to shift their bodyweight over their shoulders, but keep them in line, like they would in high plank position.


Push up from your core! When you’re doing push-ups or tricep dips, keep your core tight and firm to press up. With tricep dips, your hands move in a little closer on the handlebars, and your elbows might be touching your torso as you press up and down. On the other hand, with push-ups, you’re pointing elbows out to the sides. Lower your upper body towards the center of the bars. Then, press back up into a plank position, engaging your core and glutes.


Climb with your whole body! Hills are all about working your body from head to toe with each pedal push. It’s normal for it to feel sticky and tough, but the resistance is actually going to help you improve your speed and agility when you run a sprint. If you’re tapping it back to all four corners (aka drawing an imaginary square with your butt, moving it to four points), make sure to activate your obliques the entire time.


Go on and treat yourself to and Inspire 45 @ InspireCycle! You can thank me later!



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