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Metabolic Conditioning Class | Function Well

Welcome to one of Brisbane’s most personalised and effective training facility’s! Function Well is much more than your typical gym, think of them as a full-service health club! In addition to their principal facility they have a dedicated Athletic Zone which is home to CrossFit Newstead & Weightlifting Club and a dedicated Restoration Zone providing yoga, massage, sauna, sleep pod, practitioner suites and relaxation area! If group training is your thing, all of Function Well’s group fitness classes are scalable to all levels of fitness from fitness newbies to elite athletes! Their group fitness classes provide the perfect framework for you to achieve awesome results and their professional coaches are there to support, motivate and coach you every step of the way! At Function Well there is a class for everyone!


If you are looking to get LEAN and SUPER FIT a Met Con Class at Function Well is just what the doctor ordered! Think functional movement patterns like squats, push-ups, lunges performed in sequence, interspersed with high intensity cardio intervals; Airdynes, rowers, ski-ergs, skill mills, block runs, hill runs, burpees and everything in between to get your heart racing and superior fitness results. These sessions are always different, so you’ll never get bored.  You can expect to get ridiculously fit, blast body fat and tone up FAST! Function Well‘s Metabolic Conditioning classes are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, drop body fat, increase your strength, improve conditioning and make your body ’function well’ in your daily life. Function Well’s Met Con class is one of their most popular classes, it’s popular because it’s fun, gets great results and anyone can participate regardless of fitness level. When most people think of training to improve their conditioning (fitness), they think of conditioning the cardiovascular system to improve transport of blood to the working muscles. Metabolic conditioning is the other side of the coin – conditioning the muscles to better use what’s being delivered to them by improving the efficiency of the different metabolic pathways. Instead of only working your aerobic energy system you are working aerobically and anaerobically whilst improving both your strength, power and muscle endurance!


Ultimately Function Well are devoted to fostering a fun, supportive and welcoming environment and if i was you i would start my personalised health and fitness journey with Function Well today!



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