Brisbane's Best Workouts | 2018

Reformer Pilates Class | TotalFusion Mt Gravatt

The TotalFusion Mt Gravatt team are undoubtedly industry leaders in health, fitness and wellness, and are dedicated to helping their clients reach new limits through their unique blend of strength and yoga-based training! TotalFusion Mt Gravatt is a simply stunning heat-controlled, five-studio facility that is built on the ethos of movement as a way of life and is striving to change the way people experience fitness by providing a completely holistic offering that nurtures the body and the mind!


Want to train like Miranda Kerr and Madonna? The reformer is the real deal. TotalFusion Mt Gravatt‘s reformer classes are for the serious contender with a flow of sequences that will have you shaking and sweating in minutes. Using connection, breathing and activation of your core and inner muscles there is nothing girly about this workout. More concentrated than orange juice this workout will get you connected, worked and wanting more in no time at all.


With 32 different class types and over 120 group classes per week, across 5 fully-equipped studios TotalFusion Mt Gravatt has all your health, fitness and wellness needs covered!


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